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Sunday, 9. May 2021
Long Day Crap
It wasn't too bad until noon when things took a nosedive and I had a few issues going for the remaining shift.

Now I am finally home again and it's really hot out there, almost 30°C.

Time to get dinner, fish sticks with mashed potatos.

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Saturday, 8. May 2021
Long weekend has begun
Not much else to say, it was quiet, tomorrow an eleven hour shift.
Starting Monday three night shifts and then weekend.

But a real one this time!

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Thursday, 6. May 2021
Stormy Days
Been hit by a big storm these past days, luckily nothing major happened to our region.

Others were less lucky (trees on train tracks).

Was hoping to have two days off now, but with a coworker not around after his vaccination, that's doubtful.

Speaking of, can't be much longer before I have a chance to get mine.
For crying out loud, I'm so annoyed by not being able to get one when everyone around me seems to be...

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