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Friday, 22. April 2022
Shutting this down again
What started as a nice ambition was slowly turning (again) into a chore and I have nothing really interesting to tell.

So if anyone wants to read this, feel free, but I will most likely not continue this blog.

Thank you.

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Wednesday, 30. March 2022
The End of the Mandates
So yeah, this saturday is when all covid mandates are dropped here in my country.
Only for specific institutions and in care will masks and vaccines and tests be required.
Otherwise, it's all going to return to normal, that is before the pandemic.

I'm a little nervous to be honest...

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Sunday, 20. March 2022
All good things must come to an end
Today is the last day of my vacation.
It's sunny outside but also very windy.
Still not sure if I'll go out for a walk or not.

Just took a bath, squeaky clean and now it's time for lunch.
Today on the menu is spaghetti with self made tomato sauce.

Spent almost the entire week on the couch, watching YouTube or playing on my Switch, mostly Skyrim.
Still discovering new things in it after so many years.
Thursday was the big day of my car inspection.
It went well, just a few minor repairs that made the bill at the end slightly higher than I thought.
Still better than the 2000 ? I paid last year.

The "post vacation" feeling is creeping up on me, making me feel kinda weird about having to go back to work tomorrow.
Hopefully I can still enjoy the rest of the day.

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